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The Nation's 19th Largest Agency!
Each year the Insurance Journal, an industry publication, compiles a list of the top 100 property and casualty insurance agencies based on dollar amount of premium written. This year our association, Combined Agents of America (CAA), was ranked 19th in the nation.
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Caveat Emptor
Not since 1994 has Midland experienced a hail storm of the magnitude of the April 11 storm of this year. The damage is widespread and generally severe. Because it has been 15 years since we had such a severe storm, we wanted to suggest to Midland property owners some guidelines in making the repair process as painless as possible.
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AIG - Fact Sheet
October 8th Fact Sheet regarding AIG and all of the recent financial issues the company has faced. Click the link below to see the Fact Sheet about AIG Commercial Insurance!
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Trusted Choice
You will begin to see this phrase prominently advertised over the coming months in relation to professional independent insurance agents. As you see it, we want you to know what it means.
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What is
In your Automobile policy, "additional equipment" is a term you need to be familiar with...
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Recommended Coverages for the Energy Industry
If you are starting up a business in the energy field, you need to know how to protect your investments...
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Hiring Practices
A low unemployment rate is good news and bad news. Good because low unemployment indicates a strong economy. Bad because there are relatively few skilled workers available. This can have insurance implications we want you to be aware of.
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County Mutuals
Consumer advocate groups have launched massive mail-out campaigns to alert the consumer to the so-called fraud and unethical practices arising from the county mutual loophole in insurance law.
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Master Service Agreements (MSAs)
Many of our Oil & Gas Customers call to discuss Master Service Agreements (MSAs).
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Personal Umbrella Coverage
This coverage is relatively inexpensive and is an additional limit of liability over and above the limits in your home, auto and other personal liability policies.
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